The Vapormatic Deluxe Digital Vaporizer utilizes the most advanced digital technology to vaporize and aerosolize virtually any aromatic plant substance, and its state-of-the-art software regulates a perfect vaporization environment.

Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer

The Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporiser features a solid American design, has a polished chrome finish and has easy, user-friendly controls. The digital temperature controls are extremely accurate, and there is a digital illuminated LCD screen that lights up in the dark. There is an optional car charger available and the Vapormatic Deluxe is compatible with the easy-to-use herbs-on-disk system. Blank herb disks are included in the package as well a balloon inflation kit.

This system is ideal for many applications including ambient aromatherapy and vaporizing those particularly aromatic herbs!

Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer

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