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The Da Vinci Pocket Vaporizer

Today sees the start of the last few days of our crazy Vaporizer price crashes, with the Da-Vinci electronic vaporiser being reduced by £54.99 for one day only. The Da-Vinci is a lovely vapouriser, handheld and battery powered this vap has complex electronics that allow it to monitor and maintain the correct temperature as set by you using its led screen.

It is the perfect portable vap designed to fit in your pocket and be really easy to use. The extended pipe offers a a smooth vaporizing experience without some of the heat associated with other portable vaps. highly recommended the Da-Vinci Vaporizer won product of the show at Spannabis 2012 and at todays price is an absolute steal. If you are looking for a vap to buy online today then this is one to add to your basket.

New Products Coming Soon

We love Weedstar! and to prove it we have some seriously great bongs coming your way in the next few days. Two Ziggy Jackson designed pieces all stemless with inline diffusers. They both have narrowed section bowls which require no gauzes, and the larger piece comes with a double showerhead percolators. They are going to retail in the £60-£70 pound mark and are sure to sell out quickly.

Here are some new weedstar images…


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