Make no mistake, EDIT-Heads, vaporization is the new, cool way to enjoy your favourite herbal aromatherapy blends.  More and more connoisseurs are making the transition from traditional herbal cigarettes over to hi-tech vaporizers, and who can blame them?

Firstly, vaporization is a significantly healthier option – herbs are not burnt or combusted, so the vapour you inhale is free from carcinogenic smoke and particles of plant matter that harm the lungs.  Vaporizers work by heating plant matter to a point just below combustion that releases all the desirable ingredients – flavours, terpenes etc, without any of the harmful side-effects of smoking.

Secondly, it works out cheaper in the long run.  Sure, you have the initial outlay of buying your vap (which need not be hugely expensive) but once you have it, because the process of vaporization is more efficient than smoking or using a bong, you’ll find that you will inevitably use much fewer herbs for each session.

Volcano Vaporizer Digital

Thirdly, but perhaps most crucially, vaporizers are now available in such a massive variety of styles and sizes, that there is literally one for every situation.  From table top behemoths like the Volcano, to discreet pen vapes like the Atmos Bullet2Go which is pretty much indistinguishable from an e-cigarette.

Here at EDIT we make it our business to keep up with the glut of new vaporization products that are flooding the market to make sure we have the latest and greatest models for you guys and gals to enjoy:

Vapman Classic Handmade Swiss Vapouriser

The Vapman is a massive favourite here at EDIT.  Made from quality components by the Vapman boffins in Switzerland, this is a vaporizer of incredibly simple design.  Simply place your herbs in the bowl, screw the mouthpiece in place, heat the gold-plated pan with the included Vapman Jet Lighter and enjoy.  Although the design is simple, the quality of workmanship and overall feel of the product is very good.  Despite trying pretty much every other portable vap on the market, we keep coming back to the Vapman.  High praise, indeed.

Vaporfection Vaporizer Black

For home use, it is difficult to ignore the value of the Vaporfection vaporizer.  This vap uses a very similar system to the (more expensive) Volcano, however the Vaporfection can be used with either a balloon or a whip.  The touch-screen controls make the Vaporfection a pleasure to use.  Currently available with a 37% reduction, the Vaporfection comes in at under £250.  Simply superb value for such an awesome piece of kit. Vaporizer Pen

Our full range of vaporizers can be found HERE on the site – we carry a huge range with industry leading brands and some other value options – we even have our very own Everyonedoesit vaporizer pen!

All our vaps are available with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20 and our famous price match guarantee.

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