Vaporisers has a huge range of different styles of vaporizer, from the famous Digital Volcano Vaporizer to the slightly less digital but also famous Eagle Bill Shake and Vape Pipe and everything in between. We even have some that aren’t famous!


We have portable vaporizers like the Iolite Vaporizer and the new breed of glass bong super vaporizers like the Verdamper and the Herborizer, which are threatening to turn the world of vaporizing upside-down.


Vaporizers dispense with the dirty combustion method of smoking and therefore offer the safest and healthiest way to imbibe your favourite herbs.


Vaporisers heat up the herbal mixture to the point where vapour is released without all the lung-damaging carcinogens created by actually burning the herb. What you want from your smoking blend is in the vapour, while the uninvited extras are not. If I may rhyme for a moment, a vaporizer provides all the hit without the shit.




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  • the bill pipe is da shit ive used 1 back in the day and seen a quit burn his finger prints to the side of it from bein so hot grabbin it like a regular pipe becareful ice buy tho

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