The EDIT shelves are bulging with new products at the moment; yesterday we launched the new Cloud 2.0 vaporizer pen which won Best vaporizer at the US Cannabis Cup in Denver in April.  Today, we’re proud to launch these amazing new vaporizer pipes from Vapor Genie.

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is specially designed for vaporizing dried, herbal aromatherapy blends as opposed to The Cloud 2.0 which is for waxy concentrates and honeys.

The Vapor Genie pipe is a genuinely well-made product.  The top and bottom of the pipe are made from quality maple wood, coated in a lead-free, acrylic paint.  The paint is not applied to any part of the pipe’s interior, ensuring that your vapour stays pure and untainted.  The working components inside the pipe are made from stainless steel for great durability.

The Vapor Genie is used like any conventional pipe – Place your tobacco substitute in the bowl, light up and enjoy.  However, the Vapor Genie has a trick up its sleeve; the innovative ‘flame filter’ inside the pipe mixes the heat from the flame with cooler, ambient air to produce a vaporization ‘sweet-spot’ temperature of between 225-375 degrees Fahrenheit which will vaporize your herbs rather than burn them.  This releases all the goodness from the product such as flavours, terpenes and oils without the bowl ever reaching combustion temperature.  This means that the vapour you inhale is free from tar, carcinogens and particulates that are present in regular smoke from cigarettes or herbal cheroots.

The ‘flame filter’ is made from a ceramic material – silicon carbide which is a similar material to that used in bulletproof vests.  Needless to say, it is extremely durable and will provide a lifetime of service with little, if any, cleaning required.

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is available now from at just £37.95 in your choice of colours, with our famous price match guarantee and same day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm (GMT).  A great value portable vape, ideal for enjoying all your favourite smoking blends while you’re on the move.

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