Vaper’s tongue syndrome sounds gnarly and terrifying. As if you are going to wake up and have some monster living in your mouth. In actuality, vaper’s tongue syndrome is merely your taste buds getting tired.



Your gustatory system is quite simply your sense of taste. Your olfactory system (also known as your sense of smell) works in tandem with the gustatory system, and this is known as chemo-sensory system. Most functioning creatures in the animal kingdom can smell and taste, but like other functions of the body, your sense of smell or taste can tire, especially when you ingest foreign substances such as vape cartridge juice or concentrate liquids.

Olfactory fatigue is quite common for a number of reasons. One of them being vaping exactly the same e-juice or concentrate liquid too often. Here is a list of other possible causes:

  • Being Sick

Having a small cold or a seasonal allergy reaction can affect your tongue. Think of when you are battling a particularly nasty bug and everything tastes like nothing.


  • Damaged Taste Buds

Aquesia is the loss of taste functions in the tongue. Neurological damage or burns are just a couple of reasons why this can occur.


  • Dehydration

If you are not getting enough water, your senses are usually the first bodily functions that will form a strike against you. Stay hydrated and don’t neglect your water intake for full enjoyment of your sweet, sweet concentrates.


  • Drugs

We aren’t speaking to the illegal kind of drugs here, but rather to the drugs or pharmaceuticals that are prescribed to you by a licensed doctor. A number of interactions with medicine can occur including loss of taste for the following (but not exclusive to) drugs- Anti-depressants, beta blockers, lithium, and medications for arthritis, blood pressure, or thyroid problems.


  • Gum Inflammation

Gingivitis and other bleeding gum situations can alter or negate your tasting pleasure.


  • Injury to Mouth, Nose, or Head

If you have suffered trauma in your head region, chances are a few brain signals are getting flustered. Consider this if you can’t enjoy the flavor of a vape pen.


  • Nervous System Disorder

As mentioned a few places previously above, your nerves are all connected to your brain and if something isn’t firing correctly in your noggin, the rest of your body takes note.


  • Sinus Infection

If you are prone to infections around your nose or throat, you are more likely to suffer from taste bud fatigue.


  • Vitamin B12 or Zinc Deficiency

Your deficiency in these important vitamins can corral in your senses and turn them off. Vegetarian and vegan diets are a culprit, so if you don’t dig on meat it could be connected to your lack of taste with vape liquids.



Some of these causes can be easily avoided and some can not. If you are still experiencing problems tasting, see your general practitioner ASAP.

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