Vaping or smoking, this little device is the perfect way to accommodate both!

Introducing the Vape-or-Smoke, the world’s first portable herbal extraction and smoking device.

This unique and innovative design enables the user to choose to smoke or vaporize, and with practice both are achievable.

This amazing piece of kit is both robust and ingenious, engineered to achieve the finest results for both smoking and vaporization. This phenomenal vaping/smoking experience is largely due to the polymers used in the manufacturing process which are designed to the highest standard, consequently contributing to the optimal dispersion of the smoke or vapour.

The Vape-or-Smoke was originally designed for skiing and snowboarding, so portability and durability were of the utmost importance when producing it. However it is clear that the market for this innovative design is much broader and it is now available to all those who love to smoke, or vaporize, or both!

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