US Vaporizer manufacturers, Atmos have released a lot of new products recently.  Regular blog readers may recall how impressed we were by the liquor flask-shaped Atmos Transporter when that landed on our shelves recently – we loved the discreet styling and we definitely appreciate the embedded heating coil that, at last, offers true vaporization.  Perhaps the only (very minor) grumble we could have with the Transporter is the fact that whilst it does not look like a vaporizer, it does indeed look like a hip flask, so instead of thinking you’re vaping, people will think you’re drinking hard liquor, and I’m sure we don’t need to spell out how that could become a problem.

Atmos have addressed that issue with their latest offering, the pen-style Atmos Boss.

Atmos Boss – Vaporizer Pen

Made from anodized stainless steel with laser-engraved detailing, the Atmos Boss certainly looks the part.  The polished finish and sleek styling are no accident.  This means that the Atmos Boss is virtually indistinguishable from a regular e-cigarette to the untrained eye.  You can enjoy your favourite herbal aromatherapy blends subtly and discreetly with full portability with the Atmos Boss.

The Boss is designed for use with dry herbal blends and is the first pen vaporizer from Atmos to feature their embedded heating coil system, as seen in the Atmos Transporter.  This means that the Atmos Boss is capable of ‘true’ vaporization.  The embedded coil sits inside the anodized steel heating chamber which is equipped with a ceramic mesh filter.  This system prevents your herbs from ever coming into direct contact with the heat source.  The coil heats the chamber to a precise temperature just below combustion, so your herbs cannot burn.  And as the old saying goes – there’s no smoke without fire, so what the Atmos Boss delivers is pure vapour, free from toxins, particulates and carcinogens, yet full of flavours, terpenes and other active ingredients.

The Atmos Boss comes as a complete kit which includes the Boss itself plus plug, USB charger, cleaning brush, packing tool, manual and the gift box.  The Atmos Boss even comes completely charged, and is ready to use straight from the box.

Make no mistake here, EDIT-Heads; this is the best dry herb vaporizer pen Atmos have made by a country mile.  When one considers that fact, along with the Boss’s £84.99 price tag the conclusion has to be that as well as being a discreet, well designed, true portable pen vap, it is also superb value.

Order yours today from EDIT with same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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