It Must Be Love

“It must be love… love, love…dunna!”

Love it or hate it that day of the year is almost upon us again, a chance to show those you love how much you care… or maybe just a chance to make your lonely friends jealous! 

Here @ EDIT we advocate the idea of monogamy… somewhat 😛

Like swans who keep the same partner all their life, we also believe in perfect pairs…

So we are happy to bring you some alternative “Perfect Pairs”
We have taken the liberty to compile some complementary items.

Follow the link to see what we have for you guys 😉

Condom + Libido Forte

Rizla + Roach

Incense + Ash Catcher

ROOR Bong + ROOR Ash Catcher

Party Pills + Recovery Pills

Vaporizer + Grinder

Smoke Bubble Vaporizer + Turbo Lighter

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