V-Tower Vaporizer – Product Review

We now have in a great collection of new products from one of our most trusted suppliers, but there was one product in particular that caught our eye…. The V-Tower Vaporizer.  This vap is a collaboration with the well known Arizer and we can assure you it really is one of the finest vaporizers available on the market.

It is an unusual mix that blends together a metal base with a glass bowl, yet it still looks attractive and is also a well made piece. There are two major things about this vap that we at EDIT like:
1 – It can be used in so many different ways:  as a potpourri warmer, an essential oils diffuser, an aromatherapy device or as a herbal steamer / vaporizer.

2 – It comes with some really smart accessories such as a choice of top class bowls, a well made acrylic hose with glass end pieces, a nicely designed mini poker and even a free sample of potpourri. Ours was orange marmalade.

This product has a variety of functions alongside such a great array of accessories will guarantee to keep you and your mates occupied for hours. We rate this vap for those customers looking for to make an investment in a top end vaporizer that is reliable, has a good style and also has that wow factor that will impress your mates.

Our product review grants the V-Tower a 9/10 for its strength and its stylish good looks. The V-Tower is also lots of fun to be around and is available now! 🙂


  • Aaron

    These are sweet vapes. EDIT should start selling the magic flight lauch box those things would sell like hot cakes on here.

  • Theo

    I have the newer version of the V-Tower(Extreme-Q) and the only real main difference is the fan. In the V-tower the fan is sort-of loud while the Extreme-Q is A LOT quieter. I’ve been using this vape for around 2 months now and LOVE the thing. Would recommend it to anybody and everybody!

  • Manfuego

    EDIT you never fail to deliver the best on the market, and today is no exception. Once again I can’t wait for my paycheck to go through so I can hastilly give you most of it. Consider this sale already checked-out.

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