Unilite Turbo Flame Lighter

Unilite Turbo Flame Utility Lighter

There are literally thousands of uses for this Unilite Turbo Flame Utility Lighter. From lighting the barbeque or roasting a marshmallow to hitting the bong or vaping your herb in an Eagle Bill, the Unilite Turbo Lighter is the perfect tool.
• High-Intensity Turbo Flame
• Safety + Flame-Lock Button
• Adjustable Flame Strength
• Butane Gas Refillable
• Boxed

 Unilite Turbo Flame Utility Lighter

Unilite Turbo Flame Lighter: The Movie

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  1. Yeah, I found the plot to be a bit weak. But you know, they paid me $200,000 to complete it so I did.

    I knew it would be a turkey as soon as Marlon Brando pulled out.

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