Oh yes the glass spoon smoking pipe. A remarkably easy and carefree unit in which to light that dried herbal mixture and go. Spoon pipes can be made of glass, metal, or wood. Metal pipes hold the disadvantage of getting very hot, resulting in minor burns during your toking time. Wood pipes eventually get burned out or can decay slightly. Glass is the very best material to smoke out of no doubt about it. Word to the wise, try to stay away from fashioning your own bowl or pipe out of tinfoil. Although this is a common occurrence, aluminum tinfoil can cause major damage to your lungs.


A smoking pipe is the common way to refer to a regular hand pipe. There are three main parts to this tote worthy wonder:

  1. Bowl consisting of an indent with a hole inside leading to the pipe body
  2. Carb or choke on the side used to pull air in and clear smoke
  3. Neck to directly carry your smoke into your grateful, waiting lungs

Glass spoon pipes are excellent travel pieces for the stoner with wanderlust. If you suck at rolling and need a quick drag just load the bowl on your small pal and go.

Although glass spoon pipes are relatively basic and simple, you should still keep a consistent upkeep schedule to prevent mold or worse, nasty clogging. You can use an alcohol isopropyl solution bath to clean your glass pipe, boil it in water, or use a cleaning solution. All of these cleaning methods are fool proof.

Your glass spoon smoking pipe knowledge requirements are almost fulfilled. Here are a few more tips and fun facts about these shiny stars of the smoking world:


  1. Their name has evolved from their similarity in shape to your favorite flatware utensil
  2. If you are feeling like too much ash or herbal debris is, use a small screen or rock to partially cover the hole in the bottom of your bowl
  3. Make sure to leave your thumb over the carb hole as you inhale, releasing only when you have the desired amount of smoke in the body of the pipe.
  4. Enjoy!

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