The Ugly Kids Club t-shirt label released their first t-shirt at the beginning of 2007, while The Ugly Kids Club foundation itself is a creative collective founded the previous year by creator Mister Batlow. It is a network of semi-established customisers, up and coming artists and budding designers to initially teach young people creative skills through workshops in East London.

Led by Co-director Bomb Foley, The Ugly Kids Club release limited edition runs of their t-shirt designs (50 to 100 in a maximum of 4 colours) with the conscious decision not to reprint designs – thus making each t-shirt a highly sought after collectors’ item.

Inspired by the imaginations and influences of the artists, The Ugly Kids Club work with merging London street styles and a fresh new school flavour with an ‘ugly’ twist. The designs used on The Ugly Kids Club t-shirts take inspiration from graffiti, street and pop art, Saturday morning cartoons and street sub cultures which they present with their own brand of humour and creativity.

Are you ugly enough?

Ugly Kids Club T-Shirt Range

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