Here’s a sneak preview of some lovely new Roor Bongs that are on their way. They should be here within the next few weeks or so and you’ll be the first to know when they arrive (apart from me and the guy who delivers them).

These Roor Glass Bongs feature a new breed of logo colour: the rasta-themed Red, Yellow and Green Roor bong logo…

It's like a dream, except it's a Roor bong
It’s like a dream, except it’s a Roor bong
What happens when I press the Invert Colours button
What happens when I press the Invert Colours button
  • Roor Bong Ashcatcher – Tri-Label 3.2mm & 5mm
  • Roor Bong Ashcatcher – Flame Polish logo 5mm
  • Roor Glass Bong Little Sista Ice 3.2mm
  • Roor Glass Bong Icemaster 5mm
  • Roor Glass Bongs Fairmaster 5mm & Roor Bongs 7mm
  • Roor Glass Bongs Dealers Cup 5mm & Roor Bongs 7mm


  • my friend has a rasta 3 ft and its quite a site
    im surprised hasnt made one until now
    and i got excited when i saw the inverted one and it took me a second before i realized your sneakiness

  • Alvin

    those are some sweet ROOR’s i wish to one day be able to own a nice roor like those beauties

  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Add this to the above bong and you got a nice looking pice ;D
    Roor Custom Ashcatcher – Tri-Label
    Roor Spiral Nebula Bowl

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