Rad once again come up with another high quality product in the RAD Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter. With a generous 52mm width you can be sure this grinder will tackle large amounts of herbs in one go.

RAD Smoking – Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 52mm

The RAD Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter is made from anodized aluminium, making it both strong and durable, with the usual high quality associated with RAD products this is one grinder the serious smoking enthusiast should own as part of their collection.

You will find the sharp teeth of the top two sections will grind your herb effortlessly, while the third section traps ground up herbs with its sifter containing a thin metal gauze. Finally the bottom section gathers the fine sift and plant trichomes.

RAD Smoking – Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 52mm

Available in various colours it’s a no brainer for those who love perfectly ground herbs. RAD – Just Grind It.

To accompany this, EDIT also have the pleasure of bringing you the RAD Smoking Medium Wooden Rolling Box.

RAD Smoking – Wooden Rolling Box Medium

We all love a neat and tidy rolling station, and the RAD Medium Wooden Rolling Box is the perfect tool to not only store you herbs and accessories, but also an aid for rolling your cigarettes.

The two compartments provide spaces and storage points for your loose tobacco or dried herbal blends and rolling papers, and with a removable V – shaped perfectly for securing your rolling paper as you build – this rolling box is ideally suited to the task.

RAD Smoking – Wooden Rolling Box Medium

With the RAD logo stamped atop with the slogan ‘Just Stash It’ and a metal clasp to secure the box when not in use, RAD have again produced a quality buy.

As usual at EDIT we offer same-day shipping and the price match guarantee so order today to avoid disappointment.

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