We’ve now got the Toro Micro Frothilator! In recent times, glass enthusiasts have taken a liking to concentrate and Toro have responded to this by designing a perfect piece for this market. The Frothilator is both flower and concentrate friendly. It is a small sized (9”) glass bong packing a massive punch. The water pipe comes with a 21 slit froth perc attached firmly to the bottom. The bong also includes a 14mm signature Toro ice pinch bowl. The armed tube allows the glass bong to provide optimal smoke dispersion by allowing a large amount of bubbles with no drag or splash. This amount of percolation in such a small piece is a testament to the design ability of Toro and will come as no surprise for those accustomed to the brilliance of these glass makers.

Toro have been producing Glass Bongs for many years, bringing innovation and colour to a burgeoning scientific glass scene. They have established themselves as a hugely sought after brand due to their unique concepts and designs. Toro are one of the originators of the inline percolator, which contains slits of varying diameter allowing for increased diffusion and creating visually engaging bubble patterns. Our American Glass collection has been enhanced greatly with the addition of this famed company in our catalogue. Watch this space for more announcements on new Toro products.


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