Top 7 Shows that are Best Watched Smoking

There are plenty of good shows to watch when you’re smoking, but some are better than others. We have compiled a list of the top 7 shows (in no particular order) that are best watched smoking – enjoy!

1. The Office


Effectively a “mockumentary” on the American or British 9-5 office experience, the characters are more like caricatures of the roles they play. Take legendary comedian, Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, the idiot boss of the local Dunder-Mifflin office – such a nerd its painful, but endearing at the same time. His antics, mixed with the likes of Dwight, office know-it-all with zero social skills or tact, Mindy, annoying and incessant gossip-monger and the rest of the characters, it’s a virtual representation of the nonsense at any office environment, just kicked up a few notches. Laughter is guaranteed. (Of course nothing beats Ricky Gervais and his motley assortment of miss-fits in the UK show)

2. Planet Earth

The only show on the list that is not a top 10 for comedic reason, Planet Earth is as awesome and mesmerizing as anything we’ve ever seen. The series covers a slew of jaw-dropping habitats around the world and travels through them while the narrators describe the scenes in slow and captivating tones. Smoking first and then getting a little closer to the screen will elevate the experience to a whole new, and almost hypnotic, level.

3. Weeds

Because, how could there be a list about the top shows to watch while smoking and not include Weeds? The show is about a suburban widow who just lost her husband and begins growing and selling weed as a means to support her family. The business is a sticky one with unlikely clients and nosy neighbors – keeping the money stream going without getting exposed is a weekly dilemma.

4. Family Guy

Laughing at the absurdity of things is what this show is all about. Not afraid to go for the incredibly politically incorrect joke, the animated Griffin family is both ignorant and brilliant at the same time. With a talking dog who sips cocktails while minding the genius baby who is hell-bent on murdering his own mother and destroying the world, there is little to take seriously in this show.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show incorporates every kind of humor, but it specializes in the kind that you can’t watch if your mom is in the same room. The crew of incredibly self-centered friends stops at nothing each episode to gain or steal something for themselves at the expense of everyone around them. Their lack of scruples, morals and any other redeeming qualities is both shocking and hilarious.

6. Silicon Valley

This relative new-comer is an undeniable entry on the list. It’s an HBO series so not as widely available, but if you have the channel, you have to check this one out. The show is about a group of computer programmers hoping to strike big in the high-tech startup world. When the main character develops the most powerful search algorithm he becomes caught in the middle of billionaires fighting for the rights to his creation. It’s an exaggerated look at the Silicon Valley experience where businesses sky-rocket and fail every day. The characters involved make it hysterical to watch because they are so ill-prepared for the ride they are on that they mess it up for themselves again and again.

7. That 70’s Show

The show revolves around teenagers in the 70’s who meet each day to smoke in the basement of the main character, Eric’s, house. There is a regular scene each episode where the group sits in a circle and we get to hear their stoned thoughts on whatever the show’s topic is that day. It’s hilariously relatable to the conversations stoned friends have anywhere.

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