If you really want to have the best experience matching your mood with the music that seems was meant to be heard when lifted, check out our list of these top five favorites.

In no particular order:


The Chronic by Dr. Dre
An absolute classic that must be the number one album for when you need a little more than Elton John – ya gets me? The name of the album speaks for itself a true Hip Hop delight which takes you on a journey through the mind of one of Hip Hop’s biggest stars. Snoop Dogg makes several appearances throughout blazing a trail and hanging with the boys ensuring everyone is on the baking tray. This album is widely-regarded as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time and rightly so. Go medicate yourself with Dr Dre and remember its cool to be Hip. Hop!


Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
This trippy string of songs is like the smoker’s anthem. The cover is a picture that converts light into colors as it passes through the prism. This artwork also leads to the legendary theory that Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz are synchronized. Try it out some time, they say to start the album on the third “roar” of the MGM lion on The Wizard of Oz. But, be sure to hit the bong a few times before you start because it is seriously crazy how close they match. True fans still argue about which song is best just like they did when it came out in 1973. But no one can deny its place on the top five smoker albums.


Axis: Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix
Genius guitar-slayer, Hendrix, solidifies his place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with his performance on this album alone. Toke up before this one starts and sit back and revel in the psychedelic trip the songs will take you on through the album. Light-years ahead of its time, the production is fascinatingly futuristic for a ‘60s record.


Grateful Dead, ‘Live/Dead’
As the first official live album, this is album captures what the Dead sounded like live, improvisations and all. It cuts from song to song with the editing genius of today’s master DJs and is equally good for those who want to just relax and pass the bong and those who want to get high and dance. You should reconsider your friendship with anyone who doesn’t like this album.


40 oz. to Freedom by Sublime
While it received mix reviews upon its release, this album has gone on to gain huge appreciation by the smoking community. The biggest reason it remains on the top five list is its ability to flow through all genres, punk, hip hop, reggae, rock, and more, and transcend the typical album. It is a music-lover’s and smokers’s jam.


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