As the year comes to a close, we here at Everyone Does It are putting together year-end lists for all sorts of glassware and music, but this time around we are going to take a look ahead. The next year in dry herb personal vaporizers is going to be a huge one, full of groundbreaking new favorites and classic standbys. The big trend this year in the dry herb vape category definitely seems to be instant convection. Instead of combusting, this single process will leave you clean tasting vapor.

Prem31r by Blackout

This 3-in-1 vaporizer pen uses convection in order to roast your cannabis perfectly. Temperatures can be set on this personal vaporizer to 375, 410, and 445 degrees Fahrenheit. There is virtually no smell with this unit and the power source won’t burn your dried herb. There are no coils in this personal vape, only a wonderful baking chamber. A charge will last you a full 110 minutes, and the two-year battery warranty makes the deal that much sweeter.

The Hippie 3

The glass mouthpiece on this third generation personal vaporizer is comfortable and smooth. Almost as smooth as the vapor coming from the convection powered glass chamber. 15 second heat up time rapidly starts your sesh while a digital display keeps track of both battery power and temperature. A rotating ring adjusts your desired temperature while one button touch use keeps it all simple, stupid. Maintenance is a breeze, as there is no pesky screen changing in this dry herbal vaporizer.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is the wave of the dang future. Let us tell you here and now that if Happy Days was set in the year 2017, the Fonz himself would own at least three of the things. The sleek finish and dry herb vape capabilities ensure this will be the best purchase you make before the year has even begun. Two interchangeable mouthpieces give you the freedom of choice and durable body construction are go. This one should be on everyone’s list.


Haze Squared

With a groovy square shape and internal mouthpiece holder, the Haze Squared is creeping on the industry while other combo 1-2-3 personal vaporizers are sleeping. Feel free to vape while charging, as even though the battery is not removable the micro-usb charger is fully functional while in use. Four independent chambers rotate over the single coil heat source, so vape dry herb and mix it up with a favorite concentrate or new wax. An aluminum body and stainless steel basket keep your hand cool but the vape product warm. The message boards are on fire with news about this one on the daily.

Storz and Bickel New Mighty on the Horizon?

Storz and Bickel make the very best in desktop and portable dry herb vaporizers. Some vape aficionados are abuzz with talk that there could be a Mighty 2 or Super Mighty on the way. If we are all good boys and girls perhaps the classic vaporizer company will answer our prayers.

DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is bringing smooth vape clouds to tons of dry herb lovers. With a smart air path and 51 light grid display, the DaVinci is powerful yet sexy. A replaceable battery ensures this 4 temperature setting wonder stays warm and for a longer amount of time too. The Bluetooth integration make turning off and on remotely a total snap.

Grenco Science’s G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is everything that is right with personal dry herb vapes right now. Easy to use and compact, the G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer is perfect to travel with. Watch this peb become your very favorite in a matter of a few uses. Ready to roast .75 grams of herbal matter, enjoy the plumes you will create with the vape.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 personal dry herb vaporizer from Firefly is unique because it provides fully loaded and cooled down hits and fast. The all glass vapor path cools down hits while maintaining speed, efficiency, and full on fabulous flavor.

EDIT Collection’s 2-in-1 SHHHH! Personal Vaporizer

The SHHHH! Personal Vaporizer for dry herb by EDIT’s exclusive collection was designed just for you. The ceramic coil is convenient and can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates. The price and size are perfect for beginners carving out their niche in the world of vaping or for the old pro who just wants a new toy for the shelf.

Ziggy Marley Conscious Dry Herb Vaporizer by O.Pen

O.Pen brings us the Ziggy Marley Conscious signature dry herb vape pen, a wonderful piece of dry herb vaporizing magic. Check out the faux wood grain finish for easy handling. Easy to change out screens allow you to vape your dry herb with ease. A portion of the profit from each one of these vaporizers goes to U.R.G.E. a non-profit organization that gives fuds to education efforts across the world.


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