Handheld smoking pipes are the perfect gift for yourself or someone else this holiday season. No doubt you already own a few smoking pipes, but these popular pieces are flying off the shelves so get yours today post haste. Easy to use with a quick light the draw routine, take the headache out of your Christmas smoke sesh.


Silver Palm Leaf Pipe

The Silver Palm Leaf Pipe (or in smaller circles known as The SpLeaf Pipe) is ridiculously convenient in pretty much every way. Extremely stealth in both size and portability, the Silver Palm Leaf Pipe can be as discreet as your favorite mistress. Flat like a credit card, this self-containing smoking pipe has a windproof seal that boasts smell reducing capabilities.

Prometheus Oil Kit by Prometheus

The oil kit by Prometheus is not necessarily a smoking pipe BUT will totally make your bong or water pipe a travel ready rig on command. The glass pieces are constructed of fabulous borosilicate glass and Pyptek takes care to never scrimp on quality. Gift yourself today or miss out on dab experiences beyond your wildest dreams.

Black Leaf Glass Vaporizer Pipe

No matter who you are, you can always use a sesh right? Right. Now that we have that distinction cleared up, let’s get down to business. Did you ever thing you would be a WestWorld character, toting drugs about to robots no matter their virtual reality modus operandi? Neither did we. But if you find yourself in the predicament of using on your own or sharing with a bud or three, never fear. The Black Leaf glass vaporizer pipe will aid the entire operation. Measuring in at 95mm for single toking, you can easily extend to 150mm in order to share with friends. This smoking pipe can be utilized to vape if you burn from underneath and can be a legit one hitter combustion based burner if you hit from the front end like a gentleman.

Inferno Glass Spoon Pipe

Everyone has that beloved glass spoon pipe from their high school stoner behind the gymnasium phase, and I bet you wish you still had it. Well guess what? This radical unit makes you think back to more simple times when you could literally hide your stash and pipe behind dad’s junk car.  Get lost in the intricate stripe glass job on this pipe. Easy to tote and handle, never think again when indulging in a little nostalgia.

Glass Sidecar Bubbler in Blue

Who doesn’t want a perfectly formed glass smoking pipe that fits in your hand? Sturdy with a deep glass bowl, this wonderfully constructed thick glass bubbler in blue hits like a pro and leaves you wanting more. Get extra screens or know the exact grind consistency so nothing gets lost in this mall but randomly complex bubbler smoking pipe.

Roor Steamroller Pipe

Roor from German does it again with this perfectly sized and fairly priced steamroller. Fitting in the palm of your perfectly minted stoner hand, know that you’re his will be exquisite and your mouth free of ash due to the wonderful built in ash catching unit in the mouthpiece. A steamroller is essentially an oversized chillum with less the work. Indulge yourself today.

Frosted Bruiser by Red Eye Glass

Who wouldn’t love a cute and portable frosted glass smoking pipe from dynamo hand piece purveyors Red Eye Glass? At the perfect price point, your radical smoke will never be interrupted by disgusting ash because the diamond shaped mouthpiece directs any toxic grossness directly into the neck. Make sure to clean your pipe often and your seshes will be incredible time after time.

420 Glass Striped Bubbler

A smoking pipe with perfect color coordination is exactly what you need if you know it or not. A white stripe spirals throughout the body of this blown glass construct pipe. Enjoy the bubbling action and stand-alone power as you enjoy an herb sesh or let your pipe rest.

Six Shooter Pipe

Who doesn’t want a hardcore metal pipe that can queue up a salad bowl of six different strains? Line up six bowls after inserting small screens or gauzes then pass for the ultimate in party time sharing fun. The smoke path is a bit wide, so beware of a quick heat up in your hand. Take a moment between bowls to gossip and you are good to go.

G-Spot Black and White Spiral Spoon Pipe

No one wants to be without s basic yet stylish spoon pipe. Look cool in front of all you weed smoking relatives this winter when you bust out this simple yet functional and cool looking smoking pipe. The classic black and white color theme is a favorite for wardrobe choices and its also a classy answr for smoking paraphernalia as well. The glass spiral handwork is breathtaking, so take a minute to appreciate it as you inhale.


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