Ice bongs have long been the stoner’s secret to perfectly cool and refreshing hits since the very early days of water pipe utilization. Bongs with an ice holder (shelf for ice, ice notch, ice pinches) ensure each one of your drags is crazy icy and conditioned.

Most bongs are constructed of heat resistant glass in the first place, so your already cooled down and filtered hits should be transformed into chilly wonderful rips with ice usage. If you crave clean, icy, and smooth hits look no further than this ice bongs guide.

Find out more about the latest ice bongs for 2018 here.


How-To Tips

  • Start with a clean piece. Water is clear and unless you are fine with people knowing you are a filthy individual, do a little pre-wipe
  • Fill your bong with water through the mouthpiece or via the downstem (if it’s a removable one)
  • Your downstem should be covered by water when you are done filling
  • Don’t overfill your ice bong with water. Keep in mind that the ice you are going to add will eventually melt

Our Top 10 Ice Bong Picks

Roor Tech green Cosmo Custom Bong

This delightful bong is constructed of heavy duty borosilicate glass. Iconic Roor logos decorate the clear body. Swirls and switchback glasswork detailing round out the total aesthetic of this powerful water pipe. A removable diffused downstem helps this beaker style bong attain perfect smoke conditioning power for you.

Straight Style 8-Arm Perc Glycerin Pack by Zob

An 8-arm tree percolator defines this mighty bong from Zob. A diffused downstem with splash guard ensure your face stays liquid free. The kicker on this water pipe are the removable glycerin packs, which are to be frozen in order to cool your hits even further.

Straight Tube with Barrel Perc and Rasta Logo from Roor

The Rasta color scheme on this straight tube bong by Roor will have you feeling irie in no time. A removable downstem with an x-cut filtered tip condition your smoke as well as a barrel style percolator in the chamber. A splash guard keeps your kisser safe from gross splash back of bong water.

LiquidSci Showerhead Perc Bong with Oversized Base

This water pipe with ice notches boasts sturdiness no matter where you place it. A fixe showerhead percolator filter and conditions your smoke like a champ while the rest of the lovely clear bong with teal details evokes peaceful summer seshes.

J-Hook Reverse Tree Perc Bong by Liquid Sci

This unique glass piece exists for maximum super stoner sessions. A narrow J-hook suspends a jellyfish looking upside down tree perc inside of the chamber. Watch as a cool show of bubbles and water condition your smoke as a splash guard keeps your face H2o free. A female joint keeps this borocilicate glass piece fresh and stylish.

Custom Little Sista Little Brother Bong from Roor

This beaker style oversized bong holds 4x the amount that normal Roor custom water pipes hold. Everything from the ice picks to the diffused downstem and logo are knocked up a few notches to really go hard on your smoke.

Zob Glass Straight Tube Ice Bong

The fabulously singular shape of this glass bong by Zob is unquie and refreshing in a sea of otherwise non exceptional pieces. 7 slits on the powerful inline diffuser ensure your smoke is getting filtered of impurities perfectly with each use. Stemless body and classy Zob logo will make you smile.

Cylinder Bong with Colored Midsection by G-Spot

The even tempered borosilicate glass this rad bong is constructed with is tested for thickness and quality in house and headquarters so you know you are getting a sturdy and durable water pipe no matter which you select. The candy swirl details make this bong not just functional but very fashionable.

 Clear Beaker Bong from Grace Glass

This beaker style bong from Grace Glass brings it back old school with a carb hole and clear, scientific looking body. A 24 arm tree percolator and 7mm glass wall thickness make this the bong to beat in terms of cooling and filtration power. The heavenly looking Grace Glass logo is emblazoned on the body and cool glass raises at the mouthpiece make this a sweet looking but deadly powerful bong.

Ehle Bent Neck Bong

The bent neck and slightly flared mouthpiece on this cool Ehle bong will make you jump for joy from the first time you use it right through your five-year anniversary celebration. Ice notches and a generous round base ensure this impressive 19.5-inch-tall bong won’t tip over during any cooled down smoke sessions.

Ice bongs are notorious for cooling down your hits perfectly and making sure no matter how simple the water pipe or miniscule it’s perc perks, your rips are crystal clear like a sunny winter breeze. Any one of these awesome ice bongs would do the trick, but explore further on Everyone Does It this holiday season.


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