Affordable is truly a state of mind. When it comes to quality you can trust, you should want to go to any financial length to get the perfect water pipe right? These ten companies prove that you can get great glass for not a lot of dough, without sacrificing any style or function. Read on.


Grav Labs

Based in Austin Texas USA, Grav Labs has been creating the perfect glass for over a decade. The stars at night are clear and bright deep in the heart of Texas, and so is the total dedication to making each individual piece a perfect water pipe for you to enjoy. Each Helix, Gravitron, Upline, Turbine, Boomstick, Stax, or Tester you order is guaranteed to be touched by one of the 30 master glassblowers in employ at Grav Labs. The smaller pieces are fairly budget friendly, and larger units are definitely worth saving up for.


Alright, alright, Hitman Glass isn’t exactly a budget bong brand per say but you just have to know about the Hitman Glass history. Dougie Fresh and Eric Weissman met in Boston. Realizing they had mutual friends in the outdoor festival scene, linked up and created many incarnations of Hitman Glass. Starting off as collectors, then opening their own glass shops and eventually designing their first pipes in 2010. Moving all operations to the west coast (Southern California to be exact), Hitman produces extremely high quality glass that’s worth budgeting towards.

EDIT Collection

Everyone at Everyone Does It goes gaga for affordable bong brands and one day we just decided to start our very own. The exclusive EDIT Collection is designed in house with you in mind. EDIT offers the fast fashion version of your favorite rigs, bubblers, and water pipes. Based in the United States, our highly budget friendly collection brings you the perfect smoke for on average half the price. Don’t sacrifice quality and construction.

Sheldon Black

Sheldon Black has been creating impressive bongs since 1988. From simple and stylish to fun and functional, you will find exactly what you are looking for. These are affordable bongs as long as you understand your dollar is going to perfectly blown glass. Sheldon does large scale production runs so not much limited edition goes on, but you can be sure that you are receiving a killer bong to give you matching murderous hits with each use. Winning the 2014 LA Medical Cannabis Cup, these award winning affordable bongs are in high demand and full circulation.

Red Eye Glass

Red Eye Glass rings you inventive and exciting novelty glass with hardcore functionality. The prices are just as fun. Red Eye Glass is in most of the EDIT staff’s personal glass collections. From detailed rigs and inspiring handpipes, the bong collection from Red eye is more than affordable. Purveyors of some of the first color changing glass in the game, get yourself a little or big something today.

Acrylic Bongs

Although produced by many companies therefore not necessarily an affordable bong brand, acrylic bongs are always at a low price. Although not fancy glass, an acrylic bong is sturdy and definitely can handle being dropped again and again. A glass bong will provide better taste and smoke, but the acrylic bong battles on as the most tough of the water pipe crowd.

Grace Glass

Grace Glass was founded in the epicenter of cannabis culture, Amsterdam. Around 2010 a group of highly skilled glass blowers got together and started the company and the rest is affordable bong brand history. Bragging thick and durable heat resistant borosilicate glass, Grace Glass makes pricier large water pipes and smaller accessories and bubblers for the budget minded. Keeping the standard mile high as well as constantly raising the bar, Grace Glass is going to be around for a long time and so are their glass bongs.


Ehle are the German masters of the affordable bong brands out there. Thomas Ehle Sr. was blowing commercial glass out of Limburg since the mid-1960s. His son took over and stated creating and distributing water pipes in the late 1980s. The rest of glass lineage history. Boasting a catalog collection of over 500 products, Ehle creates elegant and stylish glass water pipes at a third of the price you would expect.

Hurricane Glass

We’re going to throw Hurricane into the affordable bong brands list because we make the rules and we also are totally in love with these Duran glass German made pieces. Bragging almost unbreakable, the Hurricane Glass blowers are pros in every sense of the word. Skillfully constructed by hand, this hard hitter may not be cheap, but is worth the expense.

Bushmaster Bongs

The Bushmaster makes other affordable bong brands shake in their sneakers. Some claim this bong brand is the poor man’s Hurricane Glass, but the comparisons end there. Strong and durable, the glass thickness on Bushmaster water pipes are amazing for the small price you are paying.


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