Here at EDiT HQ its not often that we are taken by surprise. We like to think of ourselves as jaded individuals used to the foibles of the world with a shockability factor of zero. We have seen the world and we like it! However landing on our desks over the last few weeks have been products which we just love and we want to share them with you.

Joint Wax

The first is Joint Wax, what a surprisingly brilliant idea. How many times have we had a frozen joint on our glass pieces? No Longer! The brilliantly simple Joint Wax coats the joint of the bong or pipe, or indeed vapor globe and then acts as a lubricant and sealant to the ground glass joint. It prevents chipping, grinding, freezing and stiffness of glass joints. This product is a godsend and ANYONE who owns a glass product that has a ground joint on it simply must have this product in their home. Buy It Now before you forget you won’t regret it. Promise.

Red Eye Glass Pipe

Looking for something a little different in the hand pipe market? Then may we suggest this stunningly beautiful and brilliant crafted Eye Ball Pipe. Its spooky, its a little weird if you know what we mean. We found that it kept looking at us when we put it down. So much so the G-Man had to cover it with a piece of paper. Now we don’t know how easily spooked you guys are but rest assured this pipe will definitely generate interest wherever and whenever it is deployed. Its a brave man who can out stare this pipe. Buy It Now and add it to your collection.

And finally news just in…

We have taken delivery of some Titanium Nails used for Vapor. These Nails are all made from solid Titanium and are to be used i conjunction with our Vapor range of bowls and globes. Manufactured by Highly Educated and VapeTools these nails really are proving popular in the concentrate market. We are going to be giving the VapeTools Twist Nail FREE to everyone who purchases ANY Vapor glassware from our American Glass Section. So don’t delay as we have limited stocks. We will of course be selling them seperately soon too….have a great day everyone!

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