As I am sure the EDiT-faithful are well aware, the Side Winder Pipe is a hand held pipe which has been manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, medical grade stainless steel, and shatter proof polycarbonate making the Side Winder Pipe virtually indestructible… and now it comes with a range of accessories.

One of the primary focus points in the design was to ensure easy usability and a user friendly experience…

and with the addition of the great 12″ polycarbonate expansion chamber attachment, the Side Winder Pipe has definitely begins to fulfil this criteria. In addition the 6″ expansion chamber is also available, this scaled down version is ideal for those who do not like the challenge of a gargantuan chamber. There is also a quaint little glass bowl accessory which sits inside and replaces the countersunk metal bowl.

These little goodies are all perfect for giving that Popoca Pipe or Side Winder Pipe that little extra “Oompf!” and at these prices they are nothing shy of a bargain.

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