Who wants a 00 box?!?! The G-Man is getting all riled up about not giving away enough freebies. He has placed the worthy prize of this 00 Mint Extraction Box onto my desk and assigned me with the task of giving it away to one lucky competition entrant.

Here’s the deal, it’s a simple ‘find the link’ competition. In honour of Thanksgiving we have hidden 5 voluptuous, tasty looking, beautifully plump Turkeys across the site. All you have to do is find them and send in the links (All 5 of them please!) to marketing@everyonedoesit.com by Wednesday, the 23rd of November and you shall be entered into the prize draw.

Obviously, we couldn’t ask you to search through our whole catalogue… that would take forever!!!! So, we have provided you with this short story to provide the five clues. Here’s a complimentary hint, there is one clue in each sentence.

I was chilling out in my Rasta hat, listening to the classic album by The Roots, Illadelph Halflife. Spending my time plotting how I would approach the running of the bulls if I were ever put in such a treacherous situation (Did you know that Spanish for Bull is Toro?). Suddenly, my Little Sista burst into the room feeling very blue. I told her if she keeps all her emotions pent up, they might just explode to the surface randomly like a volcano. After a few minutes of consolation I turned to her and said “What’s the time? …. Ooooh! It’s 420, pass me my jar!”


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