Okay, straight from the snap here, EDIT-Heads, I need to point out that we are no longer messing around here.  This is a messing-around free zone.  The Sublimator is a serious piece of kit, designed to extract all the useful ingredients from your herbal smoking blends in one swift blast, delivering an unrivalled hit of dense vapour, packed with terpenoids, flavours and essential oils.

Sublimator Vaporizer

We can’t stress how impressed we were the first time we saw the Sublimator in action – we were wandering around the High Times Cup in Amsterdam in 2013, minding our own business and looking for new products.  The Sublimator stand had a throng of people surrounding it, and it was clear that this was a very effective device, and one that we needed to bring to our beloved EDIT-Heads as soon as possible:

The science behind The Sublimator is very simple, yet requires great precision to achieve:

Simply place your tobacco or herbal blends inside the machine’s bowl.  Take the Apollo heating device and place the nozzle securely into the bowl, then hit the Sublimator like you would a bong.  In the fraction of a second that it takes to deliver the aforementioned stonker of a hit, The Sublimator has blasted your herbs with a rapidly spinning vortex of hot air, instantly purging the plant matter of any useful components.  The vapour containing all the goodness is forced through the device into the main chamber where simple physics dictates that as it expands, it will lose energy – in this case, heat.  What you are left with is a smooth, cool lungful of vapour, free from particulates, carcinogens or toxins, yet bursting with flavour and active ingredients.  Technically, this is not vaporization – this process is called sublimation.  Vaporization is a much slower process which does not evaporate the same range of terpenoids, oils and flavours as sublimation.

Unsurprisingly, vapour created through sublimation is much more potent than normal vapour.  This means that you will feel the benefits quicker and more intensely after inhalation, and as a result you are likely to become more frugal with herbs and tobacco.  This then, is The Sublimator’s key appeal: return on investment.  Not only is sublimation much more efficient than vaporization, causing you to use less herbs, but over time the device will collect an oily substance in the base of the tube – this is called sublimate.  Sublimate can be re-vaped, like a normal concentrate or wax using the Sublimator’s optional titanium nail add-on (the unfortunately named E-Nail-A-Tor which is sold separately) or by using a dabbing tool and putting it through the Sublimator again.

This is a real connoisseur’s piece, made from premium quality components to very narrow tolerances, creating a device that goes way beyond vaporization.  The Sublimator is, as far as we are concerned, the benchmark that all high-end tabletop vaporizers will now be measured by.  Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing piece of kit for yourself – order from EDIT for FREE shipping anywhere and our famous price match guarantee.

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