After talking to a few colleagues, it seems a lot of the EDiT crew seem to have an (unhealthy) interest in alien technology.

I determined this from the stack of DVD’s handed to me including ‘classics’ like “Alien v Predator” and “Total Recall” for my movie night!

Nevertheless as I trawled through continuous movies painfully, as I came to realization that some of the script is cliché, some of it is cringe worthy and some of it is just plain awful.

So it got me thinking about our next competition… 😀

We have recently been blessed with a number of Space Case Grinder Sifter’s to giveaway FREE to a lucky EDiT-head or EDiT-heads!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize is create a really good… or really bad, 5-line limerick containing at least 1 of the words:





Remember the rhyme scheme people…

It is THAT easy guys!Just e-mail all your entries to within the next 10 days… GOOOOOO!!!


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