The Great Christmas Giveaway!



Hi EDiT-Heads

The great Christmas giveaway is here just in time for you to have a knockout Christmas  Boy do we have some great prizes for you during the month of December.

  • Christmas Day – Someone will win a RooR 15th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Christmas Eve – Someone will win a EHLE hand made one off.
  • 23rd Decmber – Someone will win a Sheldon Black Bubbler

Plus throughout December everyday we will be having prize draws to win loads of prizes. Everyday you will be able to enter that days prize draw, but also every entry everyday counts towards the star prizes above.

So if you entered the Prize Draw today (3rd Dec) you would be able to win a prize today, plus your entry goes into the prize draws for the star prizes above. If you enter everyday then you would, by the 23rd have 23 entries for the big prizes. You can enter only once per day, and each entry must have a valid order number dated within 2 weeks of the date you entered. You can use the same order number but it must be within 14 days of the DATE YOU ENTER so you may need another order number further on in the month.

So head on over to the Advent Calendar and see what the prizes on offer today are, remember you have to be in it to win it – send your entries to with your name, address and order number.

Just like Father Christmas you wont know what you have won till it comes through the post. You will get a lucky email telling you to look out for a parcel if you win!

We are also deeply discounting products throughout the offer period. Everyday we will reduce a product by an insane amount, its for 24 hours only and I can tell you the discounts get bigger and bigger as the month goes on so make sure you keep checking as we have limited stock of some items.

Have a Knockout Christmas courtesy of!

9 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Giveaway!”

  1. Having great difficultly entering contest. Can not find a clear path to enter. Once on “calendar”, it won’t let me return to home screen to navigate site. Using iPad 2 so flash info not available. Since it cost money to enter, I would really like to participate.

  2. I WON THE EHLE!!!! OMG! 2 years I have entered! 2 Years I’ve walked away with various prizes But this one left me speechless! You just made yourself a life long customer! Thank You EDIT!

  3. I just received my acrylic Killer bong. I didn’t think I would of won. It’s great! Very satisfied. But, can’t complain if it was free. 🙂

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