The Chaps From Amsterdam has been formulated through years of hard work, in bedrooms, front rooms, pubs, clubs, raves, festivals, police cells and prison cells. Over the past decade the creators of The Chaps from Amsterdam have taken an idea and given it life, transforming it into the product that we are proud to show you today.

Hard Impact Board Games is a street orientated company that has created a game that is not only realistic but also enjoyable to play. The Chaps From Amsterdam game can be played by a maximum of 6 players with 6 characters to choose from: Billy, Bob, Sid, Charlie, Eedid and Grief. Their aim after leaving Amsterdam is to take to the streets and off-load their space….making as much money as possible.

Keep your wits about you! Trust nobody and never be too flash with your cash – for as with real life the police, courts and informers are waiting for you around each and every corner!

The Chaps From Amsterdam is a game and a fantastical escape and not a promotion of illegal activities. Don’t lose your liberty, play the game at home.

The Chaps from Amsterdam Board Game

The Chaps From Amsterdam Board Game

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