Introducing Termini’s Double Chamber Showerhead Tube. The innovative borosilicate glass bong is created by the Cannabis Cup winner Karl Termini. This handsome piece is a limited edition innovative masterpiece.

There’s a shower head downstem with a dome jet-flash percolator. Smoke is immediately run through this first perc through the first chamber at the bottom. The perc is designed to allow smoke to come out through the water at a quicker rate than normal. This gives a jet-stream sort of effect.  It is then dispersed through to the second chamber that houses a dome perc with slightly angled slits. After this treatment of the smoke, it travels up the long tube at the top through the large mouthpiece.

This bong is made from the finest Schott Duran borosilicate glass. It is 5mm thick in glass and stands 500mm tall. There is a sandblasted ‘Termini Transatlantic’ logo at the bottom and another sandblasted ‘Technisch’ logo at the top. With a perfect combination of style and functionality this glass bong is a must have for any glass aficionado out there.

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