Episode 2 – Diversión Con La Familia

A little foggy-headed from Friday evening’s exertions, we left the hotel this morning to take in more of Spannabis 2015.

As soon as we arrived we could tell it was even busier!  There are thousands of people here today, milling around as booth holders offer them samples and freebie goodies.  We even saw a couple of stalls with pay-to-play prize wheels which seemed very popular.

Today, we’ll be looking at glass.  We already bumped into Martin Birzle from Roor who has teamed up with the guys from Sublimator on a booth.  The demo Sublimators with Roor glass are simply awesome pieces of kit – safe to say Team EDIT are big fans.

We hung out some more with Chris from Amsterdam Glassworx who is displaying his glass at the DNA Genetics booth – he showed us his new range of mini recycler bubblers and quartz concentrate nails – we think it’s his best work yet, so stay tuned to the newsletter and social media for more info on that very soon.

Aside from the obvious, the thing we noticed most after spending a day or so at Spannabis 2015, is an overwhelming sense of solidarity.  Although unspoken, it is as if by simply entering the event you have joined a club.  A club where everyone is cool, everyone laughs and crucially, everyone does it.  We like it here.  We like it a lot.

Tonight promises to be another lively one – the beautiful city of Barcelona and her nightlife beckon, and Spannabis’ revellers are happy to oblige.  We don’t know where we’re going, but we know it’s gonna be fun!

Adios until tomorrow, EDIT-Heads.

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