Cloudpen 2.0 Wins Denver Cannabis Cup ‘Best Vap’ Gong

The Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen is the successor to the original Cloud Vape developed by Cloudpenz. Designed for the easy vaporization of waxy oils and concentrates, the Cloud 2.0 is a compact, hand-held vaporizer, optimized for discretion and subtlety.  At just over 4 inches in length the Cloud 2.0 can be taken with you wherever you go and stored in a pocket or handbag until needed.  Perfect for summer days at festivals or use on a night out. In April 2014, the Cloud 2.0 won 1st place in the ‘Best Vaporizer’ category at the US Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado.  The competition judges were particularly impressed with the Cloud 2.0… Read More

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