Headdies are an elite glass pipe company, based in the San Fernando Valley in California.

They are perhaps most famous for their beautiful glass water pipes with their distinctive 22 carat gold logos and lettering.  However, Headdies have now released a new glass water pipe adapter attachment called the DabVac which is set to revolutionise the dabbing scene.

Dab Vac

The Dab Vac is made in the USA from top quality German borosilicate glass and surgical grade latex.  The German glass joint comes in 4 different designs: male, female and both 14.5mm and 18.8mm connections.  The Dab Vac slides onto the joint of any compatible waterpipe and acts as a nail and dabber combo with the aid of the hollow quartz glass wand.

Dab Vac – Headdies Glass

Simply place your concentrate or e-juice into the bowl and heat the glass rod with a torch, like you would a titanium nail.  Once vaping temperature has been reached, the glass rod is placed into the bowl which vaporizes the concentrates within.  As you hit the pipe, vapour is sucked from the bowl, through the latex tubing and into your rig.  It’s an incredibly efficient way of enjoying your favourite oils, waxes and honey without the need for titanium skillets or vapour domes.

Dab Vac – Headdies Glass

The DabVac from Headdies is decorated with the cool honey-themed logo in Headdies trademark 22 karat gold labels.  Order your new DabVac from EDIT today for same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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