We’d love to fill the blog up with submissions from our customers regarding, well, pretty much anything. We have legal obligations which mean we can’t publish discussions of illegal materials or the use of them, but other than that all submissions will be read and considered for publishing.

Send your submissions to blog@everyonedoesit.com and indicate the subject matter in the title of the email. Also let us know which name or moniker you would like the submission accredited to.

For every published submission you will earn 100 Reward Points for your shop account.

We’d like to especially encourage anything under the following banners:

  • Glass Pictures/Reviews/Articles/etc
  • World/Local News of industry or common interest
  • Sports Reports (Round-ups, comments on A-Rod’s steroid use, Murray’s Wimbledon chances, etc)
  • Hemp News/Articles – anything to do with the many uses of hemp
  • Random Humour/Opinions/Rants/Fiction
  • Cookery/Recipes (legal ingredients only)
  • Travel Adventures/Holiday Reports/Pictures
  • Event/Club/Gig/Festival Reviews & Previews

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