SToK SIL containers are non-stick, silicone containers designed for storing waxy concentrates and sticky oils.

The jars are made by SToK SIL from a FDA-approved, food grade silicone material which is platinum cured, making it tear-resistant, completely odourless and 100% non-stick.

SToK SIL’s containers incorporate a patent-pending design which allows you to stack same-sized jars snugly on top of one another, keeping your collection of oils neat and tidy – the perfect storage solution for the concentrate connoisseur.

This set of four small, non-stick storage jars are ideal for the concentrate enthusiast who likes to have access to the sticky when on the go.  The small containers measure just 32mm x 22mm, making them perfectly portable and nice and discreet.

The tubs will stack neatly on top of each other, allowing you to keep different types of waxy oil simultaneously without needing to wash and change containers.  These jars feature a vivid, rasta-style design and come complete with a stainless steel mini-dabber for handling your sticky.

The large, non-stick storage jar is 64mm in diameter and 31mm tall giving you enough room to store a large amount of sticky concentrate.  The surface of the container is platinum-cured, making it completely non-stick – no more scraping away at glass jars or contaminating your oils with shards of plastic from acrylic containers – extract your precious contents with 100% success and never lose another speck.

This bright yellow container features the same stacking design as the smaller jars, so if you have multiple tubs, you can slot them together on a shelf, keeping you nice and organised.

The SToK SIL Non-Stick Large Storage Jar comes complete with a stainless steel mini dabber, designed for easy manipulation of sticky oils.

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