Steve Gelb makes wonderfully imaginative pieces of glass in a unique style that is always branded with his ‘SG’ signature. One of the leaders of the borosilicate revolution, this piece is another aesthetic gem from the master glass blower himself.

The wonderfully ornate Steve Gelb Mini Tube with Inline Percolator starts with the heavily work bowl. This slide fits into an 18.8mm ground joint and is decorated different sized horns all the way around containing shades of red and blue. Set upon stained coloured glass there is a light green with black outlined ribbon pattern that wraps all the way around the outside of the bowl into the slide itself. This slide is very large and is a major focal point for the piece.

Smoke moves down the bowl into a straight decorated mini tube with a large disc decorated with 6 small red coloured glass horns around it and a coloured switchback design resembling a butterfly. Above the disc there is a small marble with the usual embedded ‘SG’ signature. This piece also has a brown coloured glass imprint with ‘SG’ above the marble.

After passing through the first chamber smoke moves through the incredibly made 7 slit inline perc. Smoke moves into the large cylindrical clear glass chamber before moving up another wonderfully decorate mini tube. The midsection has a beautiful purple, green, blue and black switchback design set upon a pink background. Above this design, there are three worked purple tentacles protruding upwards towards the mouthpiece.

At the top of the waterpipe, there’s a bulbous mouthpiece containing shades of purple, blue and green with 8 black beads around it.

Finally there is a wonderfully crafted clear glass crystal set upon a light blue, green and orange switchback design creating a kaleidoscope effect.

Very clever work done by Steve Gelb!

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