This Steve Gelb and Sean Foley Mini Tube with Inline Perc has the basic build and functionality of Steve Gelb’s wonderfully crafted mini tube with inline percolator and the lively colours and designs that are see in Sean Foley pieces.

Starting with the heavily worked glass bowl, this slide fits into an 18.8mm joint. It is slightly bent to lean forward to ensure the flame is away from the mouthpiece during ignition. The bowl has vibrant Switchback patterns of Green, Yellow, Black and Orange set upon a mishmash of Army Green and blue background. There are two sets of six protruding horns wrapping around the slide. The first set is shorter and is a light colour changing blue around the bottom of the bowl. The other set of six are slightly longer horns that are a dark colour changing green.

Moving down from the unique glass slide, smoke moves through a disc chamber that contains three solid blue colour glass horns on each side and a Sean Foley Switchback design in the centre. Just above the disc there is a small marble with switchback milli.

After passing through the disc shaped chamber, smoke moves through into the unique 7 slit inline perc filling up the large cylindrical shaped clear glass chamber.

Once the smoke is treated it moves up to another heavily worked section of the waterpipe. This top section of the pipe contains two large discs on top of each other with Sean Foley switchback designs and decorative multi-coloured horns protruding from the discs.

In between these two discs on the front of the Tube there is a decorative marble with beautiful milli work featuring the signatures ‘SG’ and ‘STF’ together. This marble has different sized coloured horns protruding from each side making the marble resemble a spider.

On the back of this tube there is a clear glass crystal set upon a small singular switchback design. One look through the centre of this crystal and it creates a kaleidoscope effect showing 13 of these switchbacks.

At the top of the tube the bong is finished off with an exquisitely made bulbous mouthpiece containing swirls of orange, yellow, green and black.

All in all, a very colourful and eye catching masterpiece created by two of the best.

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