Everyone just admit it up front. There are times when the smoke emanating from your session can be a little guilt inducing. If you live with a non-smoker, parents, or even have neighbors that don’t appreciate your habit chances are someone has complained about the smell of smoke. Many accessories and tricks can aide in combating this scent. Don’t become a pariah because you are trying to have a chill smoke.



First things first. Let’s figure out what tools you can purchase or fashion for yourselves to mask that flavorful stench.

  • Spoofy

You can create a “spoof” or “spoofy” by using a discarded paper towel roll and some dryer sheets. Simply stuff crumpled up fresh dryer sheets in the cardboard roll. When the time comes to blow your smoke, go ahead and exhale into the end of the roll.

  • Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is an ingenious device that uses a patented air filter system repress those telltale smells.

  • Towel Under Door

This seems like common sense, but taking an extra minute and placing a towel at the crack under your door can cut back on smoky scents getting into rooms other than the one you are seshing in.

  • Fans

Click the on switch of a fan and get some motion in the room’s air. It seems like a small step, but it can work in a very large way.

  • Room Deodorizer

There are specific brands of candles made just to mask or cover the scent of dried herbal smoke. Store bought sprays or diffusers can work in a pinch as well, but usually just end up leaving your smoke space smelling like perfumed smoke.

  • Patchouli Incense

We know you would never want anyone to mistake you for some tree-hugging hippie, but certain situations call for a stick or two of Nag Champa. Light a stick before you smoke. You’ll be surprised with how pleasant the combined smoke smells.

  • One hitters

Keeping your intake device small ensures that your smoke output will be small as well. Use a dug out or simple one hitter to get your fix and remain worry free regarding rogue scents.

  • Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is actually a revolutionary little agent of stealthy smoking. To the untrained eye, this self-contained pipe appears to be some kind of smart phone or music playing device, when in fact it is a small sliding pipe that instantly snuffs out the smoke and burning as you close it.

  • Matches

Seems like the oldest trick in the book because it probably it. Spark a match and let the Sulphuric fumes blanche out any incriminating residue.

  • Windows

Again with the no brainers, but this is the easiest and most fool proof way to get that scent out of an area fast. Be mindful if your open window is near another open window though. Smoke, like voices, can carry.



After this crash course, list-style tutorial, hopefully you feel more confident in your ability to smoke undetected. Godspeed to all.

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