After much discussion, phone calls and miles travelled, the man known only as ‘Sketch’ has, in his infinite wisdom, managed to find some of the MOST impressive pieces of glass we have ever had the pleasure to observe.
I doth my cap to you sir, some mighty fine work if I may say so…
But don’t take my word for it, check it out YO-self




List of new glass blowers

  • Steve Gelb
  • Pakoh
  • Freeek
  • Salt
  • MNP
  • ONE
  • Schmitz
  • Innerfire
  • Zara
  • Christina Cody
  • Worm & Bigz
  • Comming Soon Eric Ross


  • Ian C

    BRAVO!!! it’s not before time!!! add Toro to the list and I may just start to like you guys again 😉

    Nice work though some REALLY good artists listed above, well done EDIT!


  • Lenny

    Yes these look amazing but what about functionality? how do they smoke etc or are these just about eye candy?

  • Erol

    the new range looks sick :D. but where are they, i cant find them in store. i found a new section i think, called duluxe bongs but there isnt really anything new. when will it be up? im really interested 😀

  • KottonMush

    Ooops i guess my post got deleted due to me saying holy F******* *****

    but nice job guys, the glass looks sick. 🙂

  • lenny-g

    supoze that was harsh my bad my stash was empty at the time i read this post……. but illadelph far from high end what planet do u live on,,

  • Nate

    Illadelph is just a huge advertising blag. The coils leak and are mad draggy and the glass they use Chinese tubing.

  • Ian C

    I imagine these would have to go in a “Custom” section… keep your eyes on the new product section just under where you would log in. I would have to agree with Nate’s comments about illadelph, and sure they will have functionality well the bubblers etc will I dunno how much functionality you may expect from a slide, pipe or a sherlock. 😉

  • Lenny

    I must say that these do look very nice and would maybe purchase one of the smaller pieces depending on price.

    Fair play EDIT for allowing comments good & bad 🙂

  • lenny-g

    well from what i heard and read bout them they seem legit to me, glass district and boro is where i read up on illadelph…

  • chronjohn

    US invasion I see?? Wicked shit, glad ya’ll are feelin the love across the pond, nice selection you got there too a lil bit of everything represented….

    And yo what ignorant motherfukka is talkin ish about illadelph? Do you own one? Have you even ripped out of a coil?? That’s the fukkin lambo of bings you’re talkin shit about, it’s almost laughable!! I own an illadelph coil and have hit dozens of illi straights/beakers and every single one was 99.99% flawless in craftsmanship, if not 100% (giving them leeway because I have seen bubbles if you take them to be that much of a flaw). You wish you only had the privilege of ripping out of such a quality tube.

    Their customer service on the other hand… *shakes head

    Keep up the sickness EDIT!

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