These Art Deco designed Spinning Ashtrays are delightful inventions which allow you to keep on tipping your ash without the ash ever tipping on you.

When it begins to fill-up, simply press down on the futuristic “button” in the middle and the ashtray floor will at once spin and dispense all the ash and ends into the specially constructed “compartment” below.

The removable spinning top allows easy access when you want to empty the Spinning Ashtray’s contents.

Spinning Ashtrays

Full Range of Spinning Ashtrays:

  • Black Spinning Ashtray
  • Yellow Spinning Ashtray
  • Pink Spinning Ashtray
  • Chrome Spinning Ashtray
  • Futurola Spinning Ashtray
  • Retro Designed Spinning Ashtray Coming Soon…

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