You probably aren’t sitting around after your smoke sesh wondering about the history or basics of the small one hitter you just took a drag from, but take a minute to appreciate the world of chillums. Also known as joint holders, onies, or one hitters. These smoking units are the ultimate in concealed smoking devices. Small and easy to carry, as well as thin and svelte enough to remain stealthy.


A short pipe with two openings on either end, the simplicity of using a chillum is a huge plus. Below is a guide on how to utilize your glass or natural fiber chillum pipe.

  • Grind up your favorite herbal mix
  • Create a small pile of your dried herbal mixture of choice on a dry and flat surface
  • Grab your chillum and gently push the bowl portion down over the herb to collect the grindings
  • Flip it so the herbal filled portion is on the upside, and double check to ensure none of your herb has spilled
  • Light the corner of the herb bowl and inhale slowly on the mouthpiece side. Make sure you do this slowly and carefully as there is no barrier between the ash or your mouth in a chillum
  • Exhale after holding your hit for a few seconds and once you have removed your mouth from the chillum mouthpiece
  • When you are all done smoking through the first round or just want to load another bowl, clean out your chillum by carefully blowing into the mouthpiece over a waste bin or trash can


Chillums were once used by wise Indian shamans and holy men of ancient Africa. The golden rule of smoking a chillum is definitely to pass the chillum to the right hand side, as the left hand is usually the bum wiping hand in most cultures. Continue the peaceful practice of smoking from a chillum today in your everyday westernized life but remember to respect the golden rule of the chillum, lest you look like a disrespectful yokel.

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