My first chance to relax after landing and finding the hotel I met these two guys from Garden Secrets UK Ltd, who turn out to be wicked fellas and knew how to have a good time. Finally my associates made their way down and joined us.

So we made a quick call to an old pal and ten minutes later Ziggi Jackson from Weed Star turned up to have a drink or ten with us. He bought along a friend who was a rapper – it turns out he puts all the videos together and makes all the Weed Star songs.  We had a quick drink at the bar and then made our way to Barcelona town centre to have some fun.

After being made bankrupt by the cab driver we found a small little bar (the only bar still open) to have a couple of drinks in. After getting Ziggi a bit drunk we made some good deals so look out for some new products coming from Weed Star soon.

By the time we finished it was about five in the morning and there was no way I could hack any more but my associates were like Duracell bunnies. They just went on and on and on and on…. Lol

Eventually we got back to the hotel, had a quick smoke and got a couple of hours of sleep in before the big day.

Time for Spannabis! At the crack of dawn (still knackered with one or two hours sleep max) I dragged myself out of bed and woke up the party. We got ready ASAP and made our way to Spannabis. 


After about a two minute walk from the hotel we got to the doors of Spannabis where there was a humongous queue. No joke this thing was massive (in the words of Ali G “A massive massive”).  

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with the most amazing aroma known to man , along with a sea of happy but zombie-like faces all pleased to see you. In this place there so much free stuff you’re trying to turn it down otherwise you know you’re going to be paying for another suitcase on the way home, and let me tell you I almost did.

So we made our way round stopping at every stall, meeting all the new suppliers, finding all the new cannabis seeds that are coming out soon so we can bring them to you ASAP. We made a lot of deals so we can bring you the best strains at the best prices.            

So after going around and around eventually we meet up with these two crazy Canadians (who have some amazing products) and got chatting. It turns out they’re staying at the same hotel as us. So after we did some business, in the altruistic sense of the word, we decided to start making plans to meet up later with all the new suppliers.

After a bit of sweet talking (I have some very persuasive associates) we managed to swindle some free VIP ticks to a concert that was on that night. We made our way back over to the crazy Canadians and planned a night out. We tried to call Ziggi Jackson but it looks like one night was too much for him. He would never make it in London!

So we looked around a bit more, then a lot more, then a bit more again. There was so much you’d need at least two days to get around it all.

They had indoor skate parks, not that anyone was using it to skate, but if someone had told me I would have bought mine along LOL.

There was food being cooked left right and centre, the people were amazing, they just knew how to have a good time and enjoy themselves without any one getting their knickers in a twist.  

In terms of new innovative products, not this time I’m afraid but there were lots of new seed companies that have just started up, like Ministry of Seeds who have a history of producing quality seeds at unbelievable prices as the owner was the ex-partner of Nirvana Seeds.

Then there’s Flash Seeds, a small company but they have quality merchandise. They are autoflowering specialists and have a very interesting range coming very soon to the EDIT Online Seeds Store.

And then there’s the boys from EVA Female Seeds, This was one rocking dude! And you know what he was selling was good! Like most of the Spanish people he was such a nice guy with amazing products.   

And then there’s Vulkania SeedsWell as you can see from the picture, this company is run by two amazing people, the type of people that can take you money and leave a great BIG smile on your face because you know what you have got is not any old crap but a vigorously tried and tested product .


As you can see by the images it was busy, and the later it got, the harder it was to move, I saw Green House Seeds and shot the breeze with them for a good while. 

Olaf put down two boxes of Greenhouse grinders as freebies, and in all my life a magician couldn’t make anything disappear as fast as these grinders did.

Anyway there is so much I would like to tell you about but you have got to go and see for yourself, it’s just one of those things where you have got to be there.




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