After trawling through reams and reams of entries the EDiT collective have come to a mutual decision on the WINNER of our SPACE CASE – ‘Race To Space Competition’.

Truth be told there were some abysmal entries 😉 as well as some very, very creative and humorous entries.

So without further ado, the WINNER of the FREE Space Case Titanium Grinder is…

Jacob Smith


Also, for sheer comedy value another Space Case Grinder has been won by

James Perry

for his puerile yet amusing entry.

If both winning entrants can provide proof of age and a delivery address to the email your prizes will be dispatched immediately.

Once again thanks to all those who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next awesome EDiT competition.


  • EDiT


    There was a man from space,
    Who challenged an alien to race,
    But he got too high,
    And the alien was sly,
    And he ended up in last place.


    There once was a man from space
    who like to spunk on my face
    and when he was done
    he fingered my bum
    then dressed me up in pink lace

    Definitely generated a few giggles, well done people! 🙂

  • rachel@land_of_Up

    There once was a woman from space,
    Who loved to clean the place.
    She hoovered the stars
    And polished her Mars
    Until they reflected her face.

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