Space Case Grinders are the world’s best legal smoke and culinary grinding tools. Visit the Space Case Cutlery Products website for loads of ideas on how to use your Space Case Grinder to produce wonderful spice and herb blends to liven up your cooking. Making fantastic marinades and seasonings just got easier!

The SpaceCase Spice Grinder is made to the highest quality and standards. All SpaceCase products are specially polished so no aluminium is left in the products after manufacturing and the shine stays forever. The highest quality hard anodized kitchen tools in the universe. Please refer to our Space Case Grinder Information section for further information on space case products.

The Space Case Grinder/Sifter is one step further than the standard Space Case grinder; it has an added kitchen grade micron mesh screen, embedded into a polished aluminium case. Machined from solid aerospace quality aluminium in the USA, they will last a lifetime.

Space Case Grinders

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