You may already own a Space Case Grinder and not even realize the little punch of power you are holding in the palm of your hand. Here are some fun facts concerning your Space Case grinder.


  1. Store your scraper so as not to damage your screen. Some Space Case units come with a small scraper piece and if it bangs around too much in the grinder body, you might face some nicks internally.
  2. Use a q-tip or other soft swab to gently pre-clean then monthly clean your grinder apparatus. This keeps the threads moving smoothly so you don’t end up doing more work than you have to.
  3. The magnetic lids on these babies are primo for acting as the ultimate in your spill guard and mess protector.
  4. The Space Case Grinders ca be off-putting with their higher price range but rest assured you are getting the most solid and useful grinder in the industry.
  5. The titanium anodized versions of various Space Case tools is tough, durable, and non-stick.
  6. Versions of the Space Case featuring a keif grinder are important accessories for those of you who require a finer powder of dried herbal product to vape or prepare edibles with.
  7. The diamond teeth are perfect for that perfect grind.
  8. Aerospace grade aluminum is used to construct these dazzling gems of grinders. Rest easy with the knowledge that your tool is built to last.
  9. A few years ago, 396 TokeCity message board users were polled to find out which grinder was the ultimate best. The winner by a landslide was Space Case with a victory of over 60%.
  10. Most grinders are relegated to steel or boring black, but Space Case has a special choice for everyone’s taste.


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