Soapstone Bowls and Soapstone Smoking Pipes

These Soapstone bowls are perfectly carved out of clean soapstone and finished to produce some of the nicest soapstone bowls’s ever had. They fit any standard bongs such as the Killer Bongs range or the acrylic Black Leaf Bongs, even the Bamboo Bongs can be fitted with these ace water pipe bowls.

A soapstone bowl has a quality feel and they are so easy to clean, while helping you receive a hit of only what you put in it. Soapstone pipes are popular for the cleanliness of the hit they provide, with no extra pollutants secreted into the smoke by the soapstone bowl’s heat resistant surface.

Soapstone Pipes, Soapstone Chillums & Soapstone Budbats
Soapstone Pipes, Soapstone Chillums & Soapstone Bud Bats

Other Soapstone Smoking Pipes & Soapstone Bowls:

  • Soapstone Bowl – Vase
  • Soapstone Bowl – Smooth
  • Soapstone Bowls – Flower
  • Soapstone Pipe – Standing Teardrop
  • Soapstone Chillum Pipe – Trumpet Horn
  • Wooden Smoking Pipe with Soapstone Bowl
The 'Smooth' Soapstone Bowl might be worth an adventure with a glass bong
The ‘Smooth’ Soapstone Bowl might be worth an adventure with a glass bong
A Soapstone Bowl when it's at home
A Soapstone Bowl when it’s at home


  • Feltros

    Do you do a down pipe with the same screw on attachment for this bowl? Soapstone just feels all lovely 🙂 hehe

  • TheEditor

    I added a couple more pictures for you to check them out. They are not meant for glass downtubes, but the ‘Smooth’ one is very smooth and fits snugly into a suitable glass bowl. It could maybe work as a lift-off bowl, though I can’t try it to check for certain. Otherwise, whatever metal downtube length you need should have a screw end which the Soapstone bowl fits perfectly.

  • Feltros

    Thanks for those pics, will be definitely picking up one of these and a aluminium downtube with my next order 🙂

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