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Hemp Wick

A thin hemp cord (fueled by beeswax) used for igniting herbs.

UK – Hemp Wick, Hemp Rope, Hemp Lighter
US – Hemp Wick, Hemp Rope, Hemp Lighter


To take a pull off of a smoking utensil.

UK – Hit, Rip, Toke, Drag, Puff
US – Hit, Rip, Toke, Drag, Puff

Hot Box (Hotbox)

To fill a small sealed room with smoke.

UK – Hot Box, Hotbox, Hotboxing
US – Hot Box, Hotbox, Hotboxing

Hot-Knife (Hot Knives)

A method of smoking concentrates that entails heating up the edge of a knife and then dabbing the concentrate onto it.  The same technique and principal is employed with a purpose-built Concentrate Nail.

UK – Hot-Knife, Hot-Knifing, Hot Knives
US – Hot-Knife, Hot-Knifing, Hot Knives


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