Give your gloomy eyes a gift and gaze upon today’s glorious letter – G!



Any sticky or runny concentrate.

UK – Oil, BHO, Honey, Concentrate
US – BHO, Honey, Oil, Concentrate


A particularly large dab.

UK – Glob, Dab, Monster, Sav Spesh
US – Glob, Dab


The bowl-like collar or glass cap placed over the hot concentrate nail on an oil rig to help contain the vapor and prevent injury.  See also Vapor Dome and Dome.

UK – Dome, Vapour Dome, Globe
US – Dome, Vapor Dome, Globe


A device similar to a kitchen grater that has been specially designed for grating tobacco, herbs or other plant matter.  Graters are often used in place of a grinder.

UK – Grater
US – Grater


A device used for shredding tobacco, herbs or other plant matter into a finer consistency ready for rolling into a cigarette, placing into a bong or waterpipe or using in a vaporizer.  Grinders are usually (but not always) circular or cylindrical and some models are equipped with a mesh section which acts as a sifter to catch ground up material.  Grinders are most commonly made from wood, acrylic or a metal such as titanium or anodized aluminium.

UK – Grinder, Gilly, Herb Grinder
US – Grinder, Herb Grinder


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