Feast your eyes on Day 7 of our Smoking Slang Dictionary! This fabulous, fresh file will fill you with a fantastical flow.



Term used to refer to the use of faulty materials, equipment or techniques during the herbal extraction process, leading to an inferior quality extract.

UK – Fail-Tech
US – Fail-Tech


Slang term used to describe cannabis of particularly high quality and potency.  Dank.  Loud.  Bomb Weed.

UK – Dank, Loud, Fire, Skunk
US – Dank, Loud, Fire, Kind Bud, KB, Headdies


The act of dabbing a concentrate at a temperature just hot enough to vaporize the flavor-rich terpenes within the extract.  This technique delivers a hit of maximum flavor and aroma, but of a lesser potency.

UK – Flavourbomb
US – Flavorbomb, Flavorbombing


A sharp, pronged dabber designed for breaking up and stabbing brittle concentrates like shatter or snap.

UK – Fork, Dabber
US – Fork, Dabber

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