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A hit of extract loaded onto a wand or pick to be smoked on an oil rig or placed inside a concentrate vaporizer. A nonspecific quantity of wax, oil or shatter that roughly equals enough for one hit.

UK – Dab, Hit
US – Dab, Hit


A utensil for handling concentrates and loading material onto a hot concentrate nail or into a concentrate vaporizer. Dabbers come in many shapes and sizes, but are typically long and thin with a point or a pick on the end. Dabbers are usually made from materials which have very high heat resistance like borosilicate glass, titanium or stainless steel.

UK – Dabber, Dab Tool, Pick, Wand
US – Dabber, Dab Tool, Wand, Pick

Dab Rig

A bubbler or water pipe that is especially designed for use with concentrates. Dab Rigs are typically made of borosilicate glass and normally come equipped with a concentrate nail and vapour dome instead of a regular bowl. Dab rigs are usually much smaller than bongs as the water capacity needed to cool and smooth vapour is much less than smoke. See Oil Rig.

UK – Dab Rig, Oil Rig, Oil Bubbler, Concentrate Bubbler, Rig
US – Dab Rig, Oil Rig, Oil Bubbler, Concentrate Bubbler, Piece, Rig

Any type of container used to hold Concentrates. Usually made from glass or silicone. Specialised dab dishes often have a handy notch for resting a Dabber.

UK – Dab Dish, Dish
US – Dab Dish, Dish

The bowl-like collar or glass cap placed over the hot concentrate nail on an oil rig to help contain the vapour and prevent injury. See also Vapour Dome and Globe

UK – Dome, Vapour Dome, Globe
US – Dome, Vapour Dome, Globe

Domeless Nail

A common type of concentrate nail that has its own method of capturing the vapour created (such as holes built into it), therefore eliminating the need for a removable vapour dome to capture the hit. Most domeless nails are made from materials with extreme resistance to heat such as titanium, inert ceramic or quartz glass.

UK – Domeless Nail
US – Domeless Nail

Dual Extraction Method (DEM)

The name given to the pairing of a butane extraction with an alcohol wash, in which butane is used as the solvent for the first run and alcohol or ethanol is used for the second run.

UK – Dual Extraction Method
US – Dual Extraction Method


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